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Need help now? Dial 911
National Human Trafficking Resource Center
United States:1 (888) 373-7888 Text: 233733

Rescue One Foundation: (323) 5 HELP ME / (323) 543-5763

The Rescue One Foundation is aligned with many local and global non-profit, government, law enforcement, faith-based, educational, and other organizations in the fight to end human trafficking. We are not in competition with others who have the same goal. We desire to work together to END modern day slavery. This problem is WAY TOO BIG for just one organization to extinguish alone. Victims of human trafficking come from ALL WALKS OF LIFE, EVERY ETHNIC, and ECONOMIC GROUP! Don’t be fooled into thinking “It won’t happen to me", or "My kid’s safe”. Every victim and their parents thought the same thing! Please join the fight to end human trafficking!

Take a stand for your kids.Take a stand for your neighbors. Do something.

Education is the key and it’s so easy. Please take the time to educate the people you love. Look for the warning signs. If we all rescue one, there would be no one left to rescue. Rescue One!

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Below are links to organizations that have had a major impact on Rescue One and the survivors we serve. Thank you for your guidance, support, and prayers! 
Please visit our supporters because they are making a global difference in the fight against human trafficking.

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