Our Programs

Rescue One Foundation seeks opportunities in the community to raise awareness of human trafficking, through local and global events. We educate and empower the next generation. We raise awareness of At-Risk behaviors for youth through seminars, conferences, and retreats. We bring to light the existence of human trafficking through local and global outreach opportunities. Using various community outreach format styles, we provide resources to women and children looking for a way out of abuse, human trafficking, and At-Risk behaviors.

Rescue One is providing support to victims through rescue efforts and to survivors through mentorship, as well as assisting with physical needs. We are currently seeking donations to provide for the essential daily needs of our newly rescued survivors. We are also working alongside non-profit, government, law enforcement, educational and church organizations to provide the best service to our survivors. 

The biggest need for the restoration of survivors is Aftercare. Rescue One is currently raising financial support for an Emergency Aftercare program and Retreat/Conference center that will be staffed by volunteers and by survivors of human trafficking. It will be a residential facility where survivors are able to rehabilitate their emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual, and mental health in a loving and caring environment.

We also travel out of the country to raise awareness of their local problem with human trafficking. We work alongside other organizations and churches to participate in community outreach in areas where victims are being exploited. We provide seminars to re-build the self-esteem of survivors. We minister to orphanages, poverty-stricken areas, and foster care systems where youth are at the greatest risk for being trafficked. We educate the workers in these facilities to make them aware of the existence of trafficking to prepare them to protect their youth.

We also provide training for volunteers who wish to join our organization.

Financial Needs: Travel Expenses, Food, Clothing, Medical Attention, Suitcases, Backpacks, Supplies, Education, Residential Cost, and Fun! These kids NEED to feel like kids! 

Need help now? Dial 911
National Human Trafficking Resource Center
United States:1 (888) 373-7888 Text: 233733

Rescue One Foundation: (323) 5 HELP ME / (323) 543-5763